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Foundation Distributes Over 200 Sanitary Pads To Female Children In Edo

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting

JTF foundation, a Lagos based non-governmental organisation in relation to human health and hygiene during the period of menstruation, has distributed over 200 sanitary pads to school female children in Etsako West LGA,  Edo State.

Speaking at the event on the topic “Menstrual Health and Hygiene”, the guest lecturer, Mrs Esther Oshiogheme Momoh, explained that it is very crucial for female children to be conscious of their periodic menstruation.

Momoh, who is a Matron from Auchi Polytechnic Cottage Hospital, Edo state, said this is to prevent health implications that may come as a result of poor hygienic practice during menstruation.

Such as she said; fungal infection is common among women.

She said symptoms includes: vaginal itchings, burning sensation, irritation, white discharge and sometimes inflammation.

Moreover, Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) can be difficult for women especially for pregnant mothers.

Mrs. Momoh said UTI happens when there’s bacterial infection in the bladder and burning sensation.

She explained that this mostly happened when one urinates during urinary emergency where people feel the need to rush to the washroom.

Also, Momoh maintained that this type of bacterial infection is called bacterial vaginosis.

She said It usually comes as a result of poor menstrual hygiene.

“Yeast infection strikes almost every woman at least once in her lifetime. It is a fungal disease caused by candida albicans,” she said.

The Matron pointed out that the vagina has it own biome with good bacteria to maintain the balance.

“When you are low on immunity, fungus strikes, out grows the rest of the organisms leading to an infection.”

Nevertheless, “female children should be conscious and maintain menstrual practices to secure their future,” Matron Momoh concluded.

JTF volunteer and a teacher, Mrs Josephine Bramah noted, “it is important for young girls to understand the importance of menstruation.”

For instance, this is to have full mastery of the phenomenon in the life of every woman within the period of 28 to 35 days.

Thereby, preparing them to build courage and not to see it as a ridicule or embarrassment when it comes.

On her part, Miss Jesutofunmi Fayemi highlighted the importance of having clean portable water in school at all times.

“It is the responsibility of stakeholders, parents and school administrators to provide clean portable water in school at all times.”

In addition, this is to enhance proper hygiene for the young girls and ladies during their menstrual cycle.



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