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FG Seeks Collaborative Efforts To Stem Tides Of Unemployment In Nigeria

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting

President Bola Tinubu has called on private and other corporate organizations to team up and help address the issues of unemployment in the country.

The president made the call through the Honourable Minister of State for Youth Development, Mr. Ayodele Olawande during an event where grants were given to 150 artisans in Benin by the Dr. Paddy Emmanuel Foundation.

Tinubu said the government cannot cater for its citizens alone but needs the help of private individuals to help reduce the level of unemployment in the country.

“When companies, agencies come together unanimously and save this country and the young people, the country will be a better country for all of us. This is what we are seeing today.

“That we have a single man and not even an organization, a single man that is coming together to provide what I called a start up for the youths, it is a welcome development.

“This is a start up to encourage the youth and we believe that this is going to go a long way for those, importantly for those in the grassroots.

“This is the partnership we are clamouring for. We want to hit the road and empower the young people and no matter what they are, they can also provide for themselves.

“I am grateful that we have this kind of idea and I will implore a lot of private individuals to allow us to come together and do this and make a way for ourselves”, Tinubu said.



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