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Finland Swears in Alexander Stubb as President

Finland’s parliament has officially sworn in Alexander Stubb as the country’s 13th president, replacing Sauli Niinisto, who served for 12 years.

Stubb, in his inaugural speech vowed to uphold Finland’s values and promote openness, safety, and international engagement.

He emphasized the importance of unity and solidarity among the Finnish people, urging them to embrace change and technological advancements with empathy.

Stubb outlined Finland’s foreign and security policy as grounded in “value-based realism,” emphasizing the importance of dialogue with those who may not share the country’s values. Having previously served as prime minister and foreign minister, Stubb brings a wealth of political experience to his new role.

As president, Stubb will represent Finland both within the European Union and at NATO summits, while Prime Minister Petteri Orpo handles EU matters. The transition in leadership comes amidst political tensions over social security and labor policies, with Stubb pledging support for the government’s economic stabilization efforts.

Proficient in multiple languages including English, French, and German, in addition to Finnish and Swedish, Stubb plans to make his first official trip abroad to Norway, where he will observe a NATO exercise. Finland’s recent accession to the military alliance reflects its evolving role in international affairs under Stubb’s leadership.



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