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Focus On Welfare Of Nigerian Workers, Leave Politics For Politicians, LP Tells NLC

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting 


The Labour Party (LP) has called on the president of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Comrade Joe Ajaero to leave politics for the politicians and focus on the agitation for an improved welfare condition for the Nigerian workers.

The National Publicity Secretary, Obiora Ifoh, made the call while responding to a communique from a stakeholders meeting organised by the NLC Political Commission on Monday

“It is pertinent to add that Nigerians are suffering under the harsh economic conditions of the current government.

“Workers and the down trodden are at the receiving end. As we speak today there are unfair workers practices perpetuated by employers and the Nigerian Labour Congress has failed to take proactive roles in order to fight for the rights of workers.

“We want to remind Comrade Joe Ajaero that he has a lot of work to do for the Nigerian workers which he is abdicating to face politics.

“This is why we had previously advised him that if he wants to join politics, let him first resign as the President of the NLC and let us know that he has turned into a politician.

“We have a collective responsibility to rebuild our party and as a leader that he is, Comrade Abure has offered his hands of fellowship to all genuine party members to come on board to partner with him and give Nigerians a truly democratic platform to pursue their dreams of a better Nigeria which we all know is still possible.

“As a law abiding party, we will seek the protection of the court of law should the need arise. We, however, appeal to our teeming supporters to remain calm because in the end, justice will prevail.”

The party further said that the NLC has no legal right to ask the national chairman of the party, Julius Abure to resign or leave the party.



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