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Former President Jonathan Takes Investors To A’Ibom

Former President of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has led a team of investors on a business visit to Akwa Ibom state.

He said this is because Akwa Ibom is peaceful, and without peace, there can be no development.

After they were received by the State Governor Pastor Umo Bassey Eno, at the Government House, Uyo, Dr Jonathan said that “Preheat Energy indicated their interest in investment in gas.

Chief Press Secretary to Governor Mr Ekerete Udoh confirmed this via a Facebook post.

Jonathan stated that when the group came to him and asked that he facilitate their coming, he told them that Akwa Ibom is one State that he likes to visit.

Also, he confirmed that he knows Akwa Ibom has gas for domestic use and power generation.

Thus, he said: “with the commitment of the government, we have already handed over the thing to the relevant ministries, and I believe that this project will take off very fast.”

“If you ask me why the choice of Akwa Ibom, the group selected Akwa Ibom because it focuses on development and peace,” Jonathan said.

Former president Goodluck Jonathan speaking at the business visit in Akwa Ibom state

He noted that Akwa Ibom is peaceful, and without peace, there can be no development.

Furthermore , Udoh reported that the State Governor, appreciated the former president for his love and interest in Akwa Ibom State and for leading the team to invest.

Ex-president Jonathan sitting with Gov. Eno of Akwa Ibom in the government house

Eno assured that the government will provide the necessary support to enable a smooth takeoff of the Preheat project.

Therefore, he said to them “we look forward to working with you.”

He informed them that the state has an Ibom Industrial City.

He also, explained that it is around the area where they are trying to set up their Ibom Deepsea Port and the Oil and Gas Free Trade Zone.

He expressed confident that the area will provide the kind of site the investors are looking for.

“We have a lot of organizations that have met us for business opportunities there.”

But he said they want to make sure that they identify the right people as they go into this gas business.

“Because this delegation has the endorsement of no less a person than the former President, it is certain that we will give you land.”

Moreover, “We have good infrastructure, such as good road network.”

“From any Local Government to Uyo, the State capital, is a maximum of one hour,” the Governor said.

“We have one of the best road networks in this country outside Abuja.”

Also, “you will find Akwa Ibom people very hospitable,” he assured.

He expressed hope that the relationship will continue as they began the journey.

While he promised that he will not disappoint them ,” he said. ‘I ask you that you should please feel at home.”

The Vice President of the organization, Azibaola Robert, said that given the current climate change experience, there is a need to de-emphasize the use of fossil fuel and concentrate on LNG with gas as its major component.

He said they have been in business for over five years with partners across the globe.

Robert observed that the Niger Delta region has a good deposit of gas which has not been adequately explored for the benefit of the people.

Therefore, he assured that the investment when it takes off will create jobs and other opportunities for Akwa Ibom people and beyond.

Meanwhile, the Governor has also invited the former president to the commissioning of the 1.3KM, 8M Deep 2X2X0.3M underground flood control tunnel along Atiku Abubakar, and the reconstructed section of Atiku Abubakar Road with streetlights as well as Afaha Ube Street, Uyo, Truth Live News gathered.



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