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Gale of Defections Rock LP’s Edo Campaign on Grounds of Equity, Fairness

Toba Owojaiye Reporting 


The Edo state Labour Party Gubernatorial Candidate has found himself and his party in a self dug hole.

Largely because his party and it’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi,, was supported nationally and in Edo state, on the grounds of Justice , Equity and Fairness
The call was for power to shift to the South East, a feat that has not happened since democracy restarted in 1999.
It was therefore shocking that his party and Obidient movement, chose a candidate from the same local government with the outgoing governor.

In the last 24 years of democracy, Edo South Where Olumide Akpata hails come, has had 16 years of rule , while the other 8 years were governed by Senator Adams Oshiomole from Edo North, leaving Edo Central out in the cold and maligned.
The selective amnesia of the party that rose from a cry of Justice , Equity and Fairness is now coming back to bite them.
At every twist and turn on social media and in discussions on the street, this blunder is depleting their rank and file.

As if that was not enough, The Labour Party candidate is alleged to have NEVER voted in Edo state before. While that is not an electoral crime, it just l brings more questions than answers.

Lastly , The former NBA president has been known by the name Olumide Anthony Akpata. On several of his documents like his secondary and tertiary education certificates and even his work documents.
It is therefore surprising that another name has sprung up from the blues “Osaigbovo “

Critics have pointed out the new middle name as a savvy attempt to “ Edo-Lize” himself on the heels of the September 21st election.

They see it as a failed attempt to hoodwink unsuspecting voters into seeing him in a new different light.

This has left the obidients looking beyond party lines to a candidate who they believe more epitomizes the obidients spirit of competence, clean records and candidate of Justice , Equity and Fairness

The three principles found in PDPs gubernatorial candidate
Barr Asue Ighodalo

The 21st September elections result promises to be a paradigm shift from just party support (which is just a facade cast by the political class to do their bidding ) to true organic, support from the people across party, tribal and religious lines.

As defections continue to reshape the political landscape, it’s evident that Edo’s electorate is demanding more than partisan loyalty—they seek leaders who embody the essence of true governance: Justice, Equity, and Fairness.



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