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Gaza Conflict: Peace Talks Hit Roadblock as Netanyahu Rejects Hamas Conditions

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday, rejected Hamas’ terms for ending the Gaza conflict, stating he could not agree to them.

The dispute arose from a proposed peace deal by Cairo, where Hamas would release Israeli hostages in exchange for halting attacks in Gaza. Recent remarks from both sides indicated a wide gap in reaching a compromise.

Hamas’ political leader, Ismail Haniyeh, expressed the group’s willingness to negotiate for an immediate and permanent ceasefire with Israel. He emphasized their commitment to halting aggression against their people, viewing it as a crucial step towards a more stable future.

Haniyeh criticized the Israeli government, accusing it of obstructing mediation efforts and undermining peace talks.

In response, Netanyahu deemed Hamas’ demands during the Cairo discussions unacceptable. He asserted that Israel had shown flexibility in negotiations but could not agree to Hamas’ terms, which included a complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza.

Netanyahu emphasized Israel’s refusal to allow Hamas to rearm and threaten Israeli citizens, warning that the fighting would continue until all of Israel’s objectives were met.

“We are not ready to accept a situation in which the Hamas battalions come out of their bunkers, take control of Gaza again, rebuild their military infrastructure, and return to threatening the citizens of Israel in the surrounding settlements, in the cities of the south, in all parts of the country.

“Israel will not agree to Hamas’s demands, which mean surrender, and will continue the fighting until all its goals are achieved,” Netanyahu said.



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