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Go, Sin No More, Edo CJ Tells Freed Inmates

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting

The Chief Judge of Edo State (CJ), Justice Daniel Okungbowa has told the four inmates freed to go home and sin no more.

The freed inmates were in Oko and Old Benin correctional centers in the south Districts of the state.

The three inmates were set free unconditionally from the Oko Medium Custodian while one from Old Benin custodian center.

The four inmates that regained their freedom were Emmanuel Marcus, 35, Innocent Eze, 25, Benedict Oko, 27, and Obasogie Caleb, 27.

Marcus, a Akwa- Ibom state, was charged for raping a 17 years old girl and has been in detention since Jan. 20, 2023 without trial while Eze , a native of Delta was charged for Armed Robbery had spent 1 Year and five months without a case file.

Oko, a native of Delta who was charged for kidnapping had spent one year and four months, while Caleb a native from Edo was charged for Robbery and Murder and had also spent 1year and four months without trace of case files.

Justice Okungbowa released and discharged the four inmates for the lack of their case files and evidence against them, saying that the inmates cannot be in detention, waiting for the police to find their missing case files.

Justice Okungbowa urged the beneficiaries of his gesture not to abuse the privilege but rather to see it as another God-given opportunity to turn a new leaf.

“Today is especially significant to me for the very obvious reason, that it is my very first visit to Correctional Centres in Edo State in my capacity as Chief Judge and Chairman, Edo State, Administration of Criminal Justice Monitoring Committee (ACJMC).

“Although it must be said that I have previously visited these facilities for jail delivery exercises such as this, many times with my predecessor(s) in office.

” Section 470(2) of Edo State, Administration of Criminal Justice Law 2018, has entrusted the ACJMC with the mandate to ensure that criminal matters are speedily dealt with and congestion of criminal cases in courts are drastically reduced”, Okungbowa said.

Justice Okungbowa avowed and unalloyed commitment that no one is made to remain here one day longer than necessary unless as prescribed by law.

Mr Osogun Olusegun and Mrs Idowu Enodiakemhe
both deputy comptrollers of corrections, medium security custodial centre Oko and Old Benin respectively, appealed to the government for more vehicles to enable them to take inmates courts in distant areas without much stress.

They noted that the correctional centers were currently serving about 60 various courts in the state.

They also appealed for court cells where inmates can be kept temporary during court sittings before taking the inmates to the correctional centers.

They said it would enhance safety and avert the possibility of bold escape in court premises



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