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Obaseki Highlights Over Seven Years of Transformative Reforms, Economic Growth in Edo

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting 

Edo State, Nigeria 


In a press briefing held in Benin City, Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, highlighted the remarkable achievements and transformative reforms undertaken by his administration over the past seven and a half years. According to the governor, these initiatives have positioned Edo State as a leading subnational entity in terms of GDP growth.

Governor Obaseki emphasized the multifaceted nature of the reforms, spanning agriculture, energy, technology, economy, security, and manpower development. He asserted that the cumulative impact of these reforms has laid a solid foundation for sustained economic growth and development, not only within the state but also at the national level.

“Over the last seven years, we have built institutions, empowered our people with skills, and ensured they are gainfully employed. Seven years later, we are ranked as one of the top states in terms of GDP growth in Nigeria,” Governor Obaseki proudly stated.

The governor also spoke about the strides made in enhancing security, allowing residents to move freely within the state. He attributed the increased confidence among the people to the government’s successful efforts in restoring and maintaining security, leading to an influx of investments from individuals returning home to contribute to the state’s development.

Addressing the issue of youth migration, Governor Obaseki revealed that his administration took decisive action in 2017 after receiving reports about the desperation of Edo’s youth to seek opportunities abroad. He proudly declared that his government has successfully changed the narrative, creating an environment that encourages young people to stay and contribute to the state’s progress.

“As I wind down as governor, I am leaving a strong state economically,” Governor Obaseki asserted. He highlighted the significant increase in agricultural production, positioning Edo State as a major contributor to the nation’s food security. The governor also emphasized the state’s digital connectivity achievements, having laid over 2,000km of fiber optic connection across the state and connecting all 18 Local Government Areas (LGAs).

Furthermore, Governor Obaseki noted Edo State’s leadership in electricity generation, with Azura Power and Ossiomo Power contributing to the stability of the national grid. He mentioned the state’s proactive measures, such as the Edo State Electricity Regulatory Law, which allows for effective regulation of electricity generation and distribution within the state, attracting investors keen on supporting the government’s initiatives.

Governor Godwin Obaseki expressed optimism about the future of Edo State, stating that the groundwork laid during his tenure will continue to yield dividends in terms of sustained growth, prosperity, and development.



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