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Gov Muftwang Debunks False Bribery Allegations Against Judges Ahead of Crucial Verdict

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Jos, Nigeria



In a fervent response to recent unfounded accusations, Governor Caleb Muftwang has strongly condemned the baseless claim suggesting that judges received a $5 million bribe to overturn his electoral victory.

The governor, while expressing his outrage, emphasized the need for a comprehensive investigation by security agencies to identify and apprehend those responsible for the damaging and defamatory publication.

Governor Muftwang, asserted his commitment to upholding the rule of law, insisted on ensuring that the individuals behind the false allegations face the full consequences of the law. This, he believes, will set a precedent discouraging similar misconduct and safeguarding the integrity of the judiciary.

This bold statement comes less than 24 hours before the highly anticipated court of appeal verdict. Governor Muftwang’s call for a thorough investigation highlights the urgency of addressing the false accusations, which could potentially influence the judges’ decision.

TruthLive News reports that amidst the fervor surrounding the case, Governor Muftwang suggested that the orchestrated spread of fake news was done to manipulate the judges against him.
He labeled the rumors as the work of individuals seeking to undermine his position, casting doubt on the impartiality of the impending verdict.

The political landscape in Plateau State appears tumultuous, with many court cases not favoring the PDP. The party has suffered setbacks, losing one senator and facing challenges in the house of representatives. Additionally, the state house of assembly remains a contested battleground in ongoing legal disputes.

As the judiciary prepares to deliver its judgment, Governor Muftwang’s resilience against false accusations stands as a testament to his commitment to a fair and just legal process. The coming hours will reveal whether these allegations have had any impact on the court’s decision, and how the political landscape in Plateau State will be shaped in the aftermath of this contentious legal battle.

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