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Gov Uba Sani Launches State-of-the-Art Skills City to Empower Kaduna Youths 

Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Kaduna, Kaduna State 


Kaduna Governor, Senator Uba Sani, has initiated the construction of the State Vocational and Technology Skill Acquisition City in Igabi local government area, setting the stage for an ambitious training program. The city aims to annually train and certify 1,600 youths across 19 diverse vocations.

In a groundbreaking ceremony, Governor Uba Sani highlighted the city’s significance, emphasizing its role in bridging the human development gap from 23% to 46% by 2030. He expressed concern over skill deficiencies identified during their skill gap assessment, leading to foreign workers taking on jobs that should be handled by the local workforce.

The City, designed for replication across the state’s three senatorial districts, focuses on the federally endorsed Nigerian Skill Qualification Framework. Governor Uba Sani noted the urgency to re-skill and up-skill the youth to enhance employability and ensure they can compete globally.

The project, a digital skills powerhouse, offers certification in various fields such as Microsoft Cisco, oil and gas welding, automotive, mechatronics, and more. The potential impact is substantial, with the governor envisioning Kaduna becoming a leading knowledge economy in Nigeria.

Prof. Idris Bugaje, represented by NBTE Director Abbati Mohammed, voiced support from the National Board for Technical Education, highlighting the importance of the Nigerian Skill Qualification Framework in preparing youth for both local and international standards.

Truth Live News gathered that the Skill City’s infrastructure is set to include 16 workshops, dormitories, classrooms, administrative facilities, and recreational areas. The comprehensive approach aims to create a conducive environment for learning and skills development.

Governor Uba Sani’s remarks during the groundbreaking ceremony emphasized the urgent need to address technical and technological skill deficiencies in Kaduna State. He expressed gratitude to collaborating entities, including the Office of Vocational Training and Employment Promotion (OFPPT) in Morocco.

The establishment of the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City aligns with the governor’s commitment to human capital development. He revealed the formation of the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills Development Council, tasked with managing the Skills City and overseeing skill development initiatives.

The Council’s responsibilities range from creating action plans for skills development to identifying and prioritizing training needs. The governor expressed confidence in the Council’s abilities to drive the SUSTAIN Agenda and transform Kaduna into an IT hub.

In conclusion, Governor Uba Sani’s vision for the Kaduna State Vocational and Technology Skills City is not merely a construction project; it represents a transformative investment in education and training. The governor urged stakeholders to give their best, emphasizing the potential multiplier effect that could turn Kaduna into a leading knowledge economy in Nigeria.



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