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Governor Lawal Kicks Off Gusau International Airport Construction

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja, Nigeria

After being in the news for all the wrong reasons of banditry, kidnapping, illiteracy and backwardness, the present governor and administration is taking gaunt strides into a great future .

Governor Dauda Lawal has reaffirmed his dedication to revitalizing Zamfara, reinstating its historical prominence as a pivotal commercial center in northern Nigeria.

Recently, Minister of Aviation and Aerospace, Festus Keyamo, officially launched the commencement of construction for the Gusau International Airport. This landmark project is set to transform Zamfara into a prominent investment hub, both domestically and internationally.

In a statement made available to Truth Live News by Sulaiman Bala Idris, spokesperson for the governor, the Gusau Airport will be a state-of-the-art facility tailored for both domestic and international flights.

Key features include a 3.4-kilometer primary runway for large commercial aircraft, advanced runway lighting, and cutting-edge navigational aids.

During the inauguration ceremony, Governor Lawal emphasized that the airport will boast a modern terminal equipped with essential amenities such as check-in counters, automated baggage handling systems, spacious waiting areas, and dedicated customs and immigration facilities.

Additionally, an advanced air traffic control tower with state-of-the-art communication and surveillance systems will ensure seamless operations.

Furthermore, the project encompasses the construction of maintenance hangars, fire and rescue stations, fuel storage facilities, and supporting infrastructure like access roads, parking areas, water supply, sewage, electrical systems, and telecommunications.

A cargo wing and aesthetically pleasing landscaping of the airport surroundings will enhance its functionality and visual appeal.

Governor Lawal highlighted that the Gusau Airport project is pivotal for Zamfara, facilitating easier and more efficient travel that will stimulate social interactions, bolster business activities, and promote tourism.

Triacta Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with JBI Tech Consult, will oversee the 30-month project timeline.

The economic benefits are expected to be substantial, streamlining business operations and enhancing social connectivity within Zamfara.

The airport will eliminate existing challenges faced by local entrepreneurs in exporting and importing goods and services, thus fostering economic growth and development.

He said. “Honourable Minister, guests, ladies, and gentlemen, the airport will have a modern terminal building with passenger facilities, including check-in counters, automated baggage handling systems, waiting areas, and customs and immigration services buildings.

This is in addition to an air traffic control tower equipped with state-of-the-art communication and surveillance systems.

“Further, it will include the construction of maintenance hangars, fire and rescue stations, fuel storage facilities, and other ancillary buildings, access roads to the airport, parking facilities for passengers and staff, water supply, sewage, electrical systems, and telecommunication infrastructure.

There will also be a cargo wing and the landscaping of the airport surroundings to enhance the project’s aesthetic appeal.

“The Gusau Airport project is intended to be a smart airport designed to accommodate domestic and international flights, providing a critical gateway for the state and the entire region.

It will have the capacity to land most aeroplanes. It is intended to facilitate more accessible and more efficient travel to and from Zamfara State, promoting social interaction, business, and tourism.

The project will be handled by Triacta Nigeria Limited, with JBI Tech Consult as the consulting firm. Under the contractual agreement, the whole project is 30 months.

“The economic benefits and multiplier effect of the Gusau Airport Project are quite enormous as it will have a tremendous impact on the ease of doing business and other social interactions in Zamfara State.

It will open direct air access to our state and eliminate the difficulties our businessmen and women often encounter in exporting and importing goods and services.”

Minister Festus Keyamo acknowledged Zamfara’s previous infrastructure disparities, underscoring the airport’s critical role in bridging these gaps and positioning the state competitively within the Northwest region.

But it is better late than never. An international journalist called me and asked whether Zamfara needed an airport.

“I firmly believe that having an airport in Zamfara is more than just a matter of commercial viability; it is a crucial social amenity for the people. Looking around today, I am convinced that the state is fully ready for this development.

He said, “I want to come here next year to flag off Hajj operations. The pilgrims of Zamfara suffered for many years in other states to board a plane to the holy land. It will never happen again.

“For that, my brother, Governor Dauda Lawal, I stand by you. I stand with you, and I stand with the people of Zamfara to make this a reality.”

Governor Lawal expressed optimism about the future of Zamfara with the Gusau International Airport, envisioning it as a transformative force that will propel the state towards unprecedented socio-economic progress and prosperity.



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