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House of Rep Orders Suspension of New Electricity Tariffs Amidst Public Outcry

The House of Representatives has urged the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) to immediately halt the implementation of the new electricity tariff across the country.

NERC recently directed electricity distribution companies to increase tariffs for Band A consumers, aiming to ensure a more reliable power supply for those able to afford it.

However, many Nigerians criticized NERC for placing most consumers in Band A, despite their complaints about inconsistent power supply.

During Tuesday’s plenary session, a member representing Ivo/Ohaozara/Onicha Federal Constituency, Ebonyi State, Kama Nkemkanma, brought up the pressing issues regarding “The sudden increase in electricity prices in Nigeria.”

He emphasized concerns about due process, fairness, and the impact on consumers. The motion seeks to regain public trust, safeguard consumer rights, and ensure accountability within the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.

Nkemkanma highlighted discrepancies in customer categorization and widespread complaints of poor service despite higher charges. This not only caused national concern but also threatened regulatory certainty and investor confidence in the sector.

He said, “What’s more concerning are the reports indicating discrepancies in customer categorisation and widespread complaints regarding inadequate service despite increased charges. This situation has not just sparked national anxiety, but it also threatens regulatory certainty and investor confidence in the sector, demanding immediate attention.

“This motion argues for legislative intervention, underlining our constitutional and moral obligations to address the crisis and alleviate the burden on Nigerian citizens. It places a strong emphasis on the legislative oversight role over NERC and the electricity utilities.”

The House adopted the motion and directed NERC to suspend the new tariff operation. It also resolved to form a special committee to conduct structured hearings on price regulation, involving relevant stakeholders and appointing a former regulator as a technical consultant to develop templates for determining the legality and reasonableness of NERC’s procedures and establishing performance benchmarks for electricity utilities.

Furthermore, the House authorized the consultant to collaborate with the special committee to draft a bill ensuring proper consultation and legislative review of tariff-setting processes in the electricity and other public service sectors in Nigeria.



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