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House Of Reps Paves Way For Inquiry Into Functions Of MDAs

The House of Representatives has started an investigative hearing into the alleged duplication of functions of government agencies.

The goal is to curtail the activities of the Ministries, departments, and agencies in the overall interest of the country.

Over time, agencies of the federal government have clashed in the execution of their functions.

These agencies with similar roles and responsibilities fail to synergize, thereby creating unhealthy rivalry.

An ad-hoc committee was put together to streamline, merge and where necessary, scrap some agencies to achieve efficiency and cut costs.

Speaker Femi Gbajabiamila says uncertainty arises when multiple agencies perform the same functions.

He said that this leads to squabbling, suspicion, and eventual duplication of efforts, as well as a waste of hard-earned government resources and time.

The government’s Representative agencies and organized labor consent on the subject at the technical session.



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