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I Have Surpassed My Manifestoes To Edo People, Obaseki Boasts

Lucky Obukohwo Reporting


The Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, has given himself a pat on his back saying that he has surpassed his manifestoes to the people of the state and that he has no regrets as the driver of the state in the last seven and a half years.

Obaseki, who spoke during an interview with journalists in Benin City, said there is no area or sector he pledged and talked about that hasn’t been impacted on.

The governor, who said his government has laid a solid foundation for the State’s progress and development, added that he would be remembered as the governor who changed the course of education in the State and led a number of reforms and programmes that have placed the State on the path of prosperity.

“As Edo State Governor in these last few years, I don’t have any regrets. In fact, when I look at my manifesto, what I said I was going to do; I’ve surpassed everything I said I will do.

“I have exceeded everything I said I will do and there was not one area I mentioned, that I talked about that I didn’t have a kind of impact on”, Obaseki said.

Obaseki continued “I’m a realistic person. One administration or one governor cannot do it all. What I have done is to lay a foundation and by the grace of God, we have a successor who will continue to build on that, in the direction that I started with and someone who shares the same values of service to the people.

“Democracy is not a destination in itself; it is a process. It will always be better; things will always be better than when you met them.”

On his impact on various sectors of the State’s economy, Obaseki stated, “Yes, I can beat my chest and say I changed the course of education in my State. I have trained more than half a million children and given them sound, solid basic education but that’s not all they need. Somebody needs to come and build on that.

“In terms of the health care system in my State, I’ve changed it totally, moved my primary health care system from the local government and joined hands with the local government and just refreshed it. I have dealt with the major issues pertaining to health in Nigeria, which is healthcare financing, how you pay out-of-pocket. I have a thriving healthcare insurance system in Edo today that has over 250,000 policies, but it needs to grow.

“So, I just thank God that I had the opportunity to try and if I were to do it again, I will do it exactly like I did it”,



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