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Igala Nation Is Not Tribalistic Or Racist—Gov. Bello Speaks After Election of Tribal Divide

…Says They are good people but majority are being misled by poor representation…


Kogi State, North Central Region, Nigeria



Kogi State Governor, His Excellency Yahaya Bello, CON, characterized the Igala nation as a commendable community, emphasizing that they are not predisposed to tribalism or racism. Speaking at an APC stakeholders meeting at the Government House Glasshouse on Saturday, Governor Bello reaffirmed his commitment to maintaining the state’s unity, emphasizing transparency in the distribution of democratic benefits.

Expressing gratitude to God and President Bola Tinubu for their support leading to the APC’s triumph in the November 11 governorship election, the governor underscored the party’s clear victory. Governor Bello called for a thorough review of the election, focusing on learning from mistakes to avoid future pitfalls.

Reflecting on the journey of the last seven years, Governor Bello acknowledged the challenges but celebrated the APC’s resilience. He urged unity among tribes, emphasizing that no single tribe can secure the governorship without the support of others.

Recalling the 2019 election, Governor Bello emphasized his aversion to ethnic agendas and sentiments. He highlighted the need for Kogi State to consolidate on achievements, emphasizing the importance of unity and security.

Governor Bello, however, said people allowed emotions and personal and parochial interests to becloud their sense of reasoning, but noted that the level of good governance provided by the present administration in the areas of road construction, health care, and infrastructure development was enough for the APC to win overwhelmingly.

Reflecting on the outcome of the November 11 governorship election, Governor Bello described the Igala nation as good people, saying, “The Igala nation is not tribalistic or racist. They are good people, but the majority are being misled by poor representation.”

Assuring the people of Kogi West of future opportunities, Governor Bello called on leaders to educate their constituents and prioritize selflessness. He emphasized that the time for Kogi State to consolidate on unity and security is now.

Deputy Governor Edward Onoja congratulated the APC family and Governor-elect Usman Ododo, attributing the victory to Governor Bello’s support and hard work. He urged those not contributing to victory to set aside sentiments and work for a united Kogi State in the future.

Senator Sunday Karimi appreciated Kogi West residents for their strength despite multiple candidates from the Okun region.

APC Chairman Abdullahi Bello expressed gratitude to party members, promising a comprehensive review to identify those who betrayed the APC at the November 11 governorship election in Kogi State.

ONOGWU Muhammed
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor
November 18, 2023

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