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Ighodalo Celebrates Fathers, Urges Peaceful Voting

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for the September 21 governorship election in Edo State, has extended heartfelt felicitations to fathers across Nigeria, with a special nod to those in Edo State.

In a Father’s Day statement released by his media team on Sunday and made available to Truth Live News, Ighodalo praised fathers for their indispensable roles in society and urged them to continue being the superheroes their families and communities look up to.

“I send my warm felicitation to you all on this occasion of Father’s Day,” Ighodalo stated. “It is not an exaggeration to say you’re the compass for many, the hope that inspires, the pathfinder, and role model with no equal that many confidently look up to.”

Highlighting the critical values fathers impart, he continued, “We have a daunting task to always challenge the present and possibly future generations of our children to imbibe the virtues of hard work, honesty, integrity, humility, respect, selflessness, and compassion to reflect the ideals we hold dear.”

Ighodalo emphasized the necessity for fathers to remain active and relevant in their roles, likening them to superheroes endowed by God.

In a bid to encourage civic engagement, Ighodalo appealed to all fathers in Edo State to participate actively in the upcoming governorship election. “Please go out during the coming governorship election in September to exercise your franchise and be part of the decision-making process of how Edo State should be governed and by whom,” he urged.

He concluded with a call for peace and decorum during the election period, advocating for a violence-free and orderly electoral process. “No violence, thuggery, or any unruly acts,” Ighodalo stressed.



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