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Ighodalo Mesmerizes Audience in Italy with Bold Vision for Edo State’s Future

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Benin City, Edo state

Barrister Asue Ighodalo, the PDP gubernatorial candidate of Edo state, kicked off his European tour in Italy with a captivating address to the Edo diaspora. His powerful manifesto, titled “Pathway to Prosperity for All,” unveiled a transformative vision aimed at propelling Edo to the forefront of Nigeria’s economic landscape by 2030.

Addressing a rapt audience , in a speech duly monitored by Truth Live News, Ighodalo outlined his ambitious strategy to overhaul Edo’s economy, drawing thunderous applause and standing ovations. “Our immediate priority is to empower our workforce through sustainable economic programs,” he declared, igniting the crowd’s enthusiasm.


Underpinning his economic blueprint are three pivotal pillars: Production, Talent, and Visitors. Each sector, he explained, holds immense potential to generate jobs and foster robust economic growth within the state.

Ighodalo stressed a shift towards a production-driven economy, emphasizing Edo’s capacity to become a net producer of goods and services. “Our focus will be on expanding agricultural output, harnessing mineral resources, and leveraging onshore gas deposits,” he asserted.

Initiatives include bolstering agricultural yields with new infrastructure and promoting Edo’s mineral wealth, including clay, granite, lithium, and gold, to stimulate industrial growth.

Highlighting Edo’s youthful demographic advantage, Ighodalo pledged to cultivate a thriving talent hub. “We are committed to nurturing creativity, enhancing sports facilities, and fostering technological innovation,” he announced.

Plans encompass establishing creative centers for media and arts, revitalizing sports infrastructure, and investing in technology parks to propel Edo as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Acknowledging Edo’s rich cultural heritage and strategic location, Ighodalo vowed to elevate tourism and hospitality sectors. “Edo’s natural allure will be harnessed through enhanced cultural promotion and infrastructure development,” he affirmed.

Proposals include developing tourism sites, supporting hospitality businesses, and improving transportation networks to facilitate trade and tourism flows.

In closing, Ighodalo stressed the imperative of unified effort and significant financial investment to realize these ambitious plans. “This journey requires our collective commitment to transform Edo into a beacon of prosperity,” he concluded.

As applause echoed through the venue, it was evident that Ighodalo’s vision had struck a chord, leaving attendees inspired and hopeful for Edo’s promising future under his leadership.



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