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Implement CONFAB for A Lasting Legacy — Bode George to Tinubu


In a recent interview, Chief Bode George, a prominent figure within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), offered a compelling perspective on what he believes could secure President Bola Tinubu’s place in Nigerian history.

According to George, if Tinubu takes decisive action to implement the recommendations outlined in the 2014 national conference report, his legacy would be cemented in the hearts of Nigerians for generations to come.

Speaking to The Cable, duly monitored by Truth Live News, Bode George emphasized the significance of the national conference report, asserting that it holds the key to addressing many of the pressing challenges currently confronting the nation. He passionately advocated for its implementation, suggesting that it offers comprehensive solutions to Nigeria’s multifaceted problems.

“People are hungry and they are therefore angry. I want Mr. Tinubu to do only one thing and Nigerians won’t forget him if he can do that. He should take the report of the 2014 national confab and implement the recommendations. The solution to the problems of Nigeria have been provided in that report. If we can do so, we will remain on the golden pages of history for generations to come,” George asserted.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, George pointed out the alarming inflation rate, which currently stands at approximately 31.70%. He warned of the dire consequences of unchecked inflation, particularly for businesses struggling to remain afloat amidst economic turbulence. Drawing attention to Tinubu’s nascent presidency, George stressed the importance of seizing the opportunity to enact meaningful change.

“Tinubu just started his presidency, so he still has time to implement it. Look at our inflation rate today. It is now 31.70 percent. So, what will be the rate if you go and loan money from the bank? It will be higher than the inflation rate. Which company can make money and survive in that situation? Why are we deceiving and lying to ourselves? Some people still believe that there is no cause for alarm,” he cautioned.

As a veteran leader of the PDP in Lagos state, where Tinubu previously served as senator and governor, George’s stance carries significant weight. While acknowledging their historical rivalry, George hinted at a potential shift towards mutual respect, suggesting a nuanced evolution in their relationship.

In urging President Tinubu to embrace the recommendations of the national conference report, Chief Bode George encapsulates a sentiment echoed by many Nigerians yearning for substantive change and enduring progress. As the nation grapples with myriad challenges, the path to a brighter future may indeed lie in the conscientious implementation of visionary policy initiatives.

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