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Importance of Hon. Destiny Enabulele in Dr. Asue Ighodalo’s Government By Omiragwa Onome Otueroro


Omiragwa Onome Otueroro is a Human Rights Activist



As the gubernatorial election in Edo State approaches in September 2024, the question of building a strong and effective government under the potential leadership of Dr. Asue Ighodalo becomes increasingly pertinent. One key figure who should be considered for a significant role in Dr. Ighodalo’s administration is Hon. Destiny Enabulele. Here are several compelling reasons why Hon. Enabulele would be an invaluable asset to the new government.

Proven Track Record of Service

Hon. Destiny Enabulele has a distinguished history of public service and has demonstrated exceptional leadership in various capacities. His tenure in previous governmental roles has been marked by substantial achievements in infrastructural development, community empowerment, and social welfare initiatives. His ability to deliver tangible results underscores his competence and commitment to the progress of Edo State.

Deep Understanding of Local Issues

Enabulele’s extensive experience within Edo State provides him with an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities that the region faces. His grassroots connections and familiarity with local dynamics enable him to address issues effectively and implement policies that resonate with the needs of the people. This local knowledge is crucial for crafting solutions that are both practical and sustainable.

Commitment to Transparency and Accountability

One of Hon. Enabulele’s hallmarks is his unwavering commitment to transparency and accountability in governance. In an era where public trust in political institutions is waning, Enabulele’s integrity stands out. His track record shows a dedication to ethical leadership and fiscal responsibility, ensuring that resources are utilized efficiently and for the public good. This commitment aligns well with Dr. Ighodalo’s vision for a transparent and accountable government.

Visionary and Innovative Approach

Hon. Enabulele is known for his visionary approach to governance, consistently seeking innovative solutions to complex problems. His forward-thinking mindset is essential for driving Edo State towards a future of sustainable development and prosperity. By leveraging modern technologies and embracing new ideas, Enabulele can help catalyze significant advancements in areas such as education, healthcare, and economic development.

Strong Legislative Experience

With extensive legislative experience, Hon. Enabulele possesses a deep understanding of the legislative process and has demonstrated the ability to navigate the complexities of policy-making. His skills in crafting effective legislation, building coalitions, and advocating for the interests of his constituents would be invaluable in ensuring that Dr. Ighodalo’s policies are effectively implemented and supported by the state legislature.

Advocating for Youth and Women Empowerment

Enabulele has been a staunch advocate for youth and women empowerment, recognizing these groups as critical to the state’s socio-economic development. His initiatives in promoting education, entrepreneurship, and skill development for youths and women have yielded positive outcomes, creating opportunities for many to improve their livelihoods. Including him in the government would ensure continued focus on these essential demographic groups.

Building Inclusive and Diverse Governance

Diversity and inclusivity are vital for the success of any government. Hon. Enabulele’s inclusive approach ensures that various voices and perspectives are considered in decision-making processes. His ability to engage with different communities and foster unity is crucial for building a cohesive and harmonious Edo State. His presence in Dr. Ighodalo’s government would help in creating policies that reflect the diverse needs of the populace.


In summary, Hon. Destiny Enabulele’s proven leadership, deep understanding of local issues, commitment to transparency, innovative approach, legislative experience, advocacy for youth and women, and inclusive governance make him an indispensable asset to Dr. Asue Ighodalo’s administration. As Edo State looks forward to a new era of development and prosperity, the inclusion of Enabulele in the government would not only strengthen the administration but also ensure that the interests of the people are effectively represented and served.

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