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In Political Race, You Don’t Compare Half A Man To A Man And A Half – By Ehigie Uzamere

Political race is like a football game. The 1st eleven is fielded.

Politics is played for the emergence of leadership. Leadership is meant for men of steel, intelligence, and vision. Men that can make the difference, translating a people’s life to betterment.

Such men of steel, intelligence, and vision are not half men but men and a half. Half men are clueless and visionless and leave a mess in their trail.

No half man boxer enters the ring against a man and a half boxer, or puny hands dare to wrestle with a Mighty Igor. We know our betters, and it is always wisdom to acknowledge that.

Our political space is awash with half men, and that’s the reason we have not berthed Nigeria in calm and prosperous waters. We still flounder in trial and errors; leaving in the trail policies that render our teeming population impoverished.

Men and women who offer themselves for elective positions must have it at the back of their minds that they’d be x-rayed and scrutinized up to not only their achievements but to their parents, grandparents and family history. Anyone who doesn’t want the smoke and heat in the kitchen of politics should stay out of it.

It is time we dropped sentiments in political considerations and wisen up. I pray and appeal to eligible voters to ditch stomach infrastructure so that they can always differentiate between half men, and men and a half.

Aguiyekampe, which in my dialect means “no quarrel in politics; after elections we embrace one another”, remains my hallmark so that at the end of political exercise, we can find common grounds for friendship again.

Senator Ehigie Uzamere, two-Time former Senator representing Edo South senatorial district of Edo State sent this piece from Benin City, Nigeria.



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