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IPAC Calls For Scrapping Of SIEC

Lucky Obukohwo, Reporting

The Inter Party Advisory Council (IPAC) has called for the scrapping of the State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC) saying, its always being abused by the state governors.

Its National Chairman, Yusuf Mamman Dantalle, made the call at a summit organised by the African Democratic Party (ADC), in Kaduna.

He said the power vested on the governor of the state has made it possible for him to use the Commission to satisfy his whims and caprices to the detriment of other political parties in the state during local government election.

“IPAC demands the scrapping of the State Independent Electoral Commission (SIEC). The enormous powers and influence of state governors affect the independent status of this commission nationwide.

“The charade called elections conducted by SIECs make mockery of the nation’s democratic process. It retards the growth of political parties that are not in government despite having grassroots support.

“IPAC will present its comprehensive Constitution and Electoral Act Amendments proposal to the National Assembly for consideration and inclusion in the ongoing review of laws”, Dantalle said.

It also called for the autonomy of local governments as the third tier of government closest to the people.

“It is evident that politics is local. Citizens should be encouraged to participate actively in grassroots politics. It is one way of deepening democracy in Nigeria”, Dantalle added.



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