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Israeli Hostage Families Begin 5 – days March To Netanyahu’s Residence Seeking Action

Relatives of Israeli hostages have commenced a five-day march from Tel Aviv to Benjamin Netanyahu’s office in Jerusalem, urging the government to take action to secure the release of those held by Hamas, as reported by Sky news.

According to the Israeli military, approximately 240 individuals, ranging from nine months to 85 years old, were kidnapped by Hamas during the attack on October 7.

While four people, including two elderly women, have been freed, Israel suspects the remaining hostages are kept in tunnels beneath the Gaza Strip.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu faces mounting pressure from hostage families who believe the government’s efforts for their release have been insufficient.

Yair Mozes told Sky News’s international affairs editor Dominic Waghorn in Tel Aviv that he is marching for his parents.

“We don’t know if they are getting their medicines,” he said. “We are marching to tell the government the first goal is to work only on this.”

As well as hoping to place pressure on Mr Netanyahu and the Israeli government, they are calling for the UN and the Red Cross to do more to find their loved ones and ensure their welfare.

The march is expected to last until Saturday and to finish outside Mr Netanyahu’s residence in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu has so far rejected any talk of a ceasefire, telling NBC News on Sunday that he would only be willing to pause the fighting if all the hostages were freed.



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