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Judicial Contradictions Emerge in Kano Governorship Election Verdict

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja, Nigeria



In a surprising turn of events, the Kano State governorship election has become embroiled in controversy as the Certified True Copy (CTC) of the Court of Appeal’s judgment raises questions about the integrity of the judicial process. Femi Falana, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and human rights lawyer, expressed his dismay over the discrepancies in the court’s pronouncements.

The Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice of Kano State, Haruna Isah Dederi, brought attention to flaws in the Appeal Court’s verdict, highlighting a disparity between the oral delivery and the CTC provided to them. Dederi revealed that, according to the CTC, the tribunal’s decision to remove Governor Abba Yusuf was set aside by the appellate court.

TruthLive News reports that the confusion deepened when the CTC, signed by three justices, revealed contradictory declarations within the judgment. While one part favored the All Progressives Congress (APC), declaring Nasiru Gawuna as the winner, another section contradicted this stance. The court, in an unexpected twist, awarded N1,000,000 in favor of the New Nigerian People’s Party (NNPP) against the APC.

Femi Falana, reacting to this perplexing situation, condemned the development as scandalous to the judiciary’s integrity. He criticized the court for punishing millions of voters due to mistakes made by INEC officials. Falana pointed out the numerous contradictions within the judgment, emphasizing the court’s inability to explain the inconsistencies.

Meanwhile, TruthLive News highlighted the Court of Appeal’s role in creating confusion by resolving issues in favor of Governor Kabir Yusuf of NNPP while setting aside the tribunal’s ruling that ousted him. Professor Chidi Odinkalu, a law professor and former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, asserted that the court reached out to lawyers involved in the case, requesting the return of the CTC.

Odinkalu, expressing dismay on social media, underscored the decay in the Nigerian judicial system. He pointed out the court’s contradictory stance, resolving issues in favor of the appellant but simultaneously dismissing the appeal for lacking merit. The professor speculated that the court might have altered the judgment after judges concluded deliberations, adding another layer of complexity to an already convoluted legal situation.

In light of these revelations, the Kano State governorship election case raises serious concerns about the transparency and consistency of the Nigerian judiciary, leaving both legal experts and the public grappling with the implications of this judicial puzzle.
Kano is a volatile state with a sharp contrast in political affiliations. This fiasco is a melting pot precipitating disaster.

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