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Kenyan Police Apprehend Binance Executive Who Fled Nigeria

Kenyan police have apprehended Nadeem Anjarwalla, an executive at the cryptocurrency platform Binance, who had fled Nigeria weeks ago.

Recall that Anjarwalla escaped Nigerian custody after the government cracked down on Binance as part of efforts to stabilize the naira currency.

Reports indicate that Anjarwalla is now in the custody of Kenyan authorities after being traced to the East African nation.

Government sources in Kenya have confirmed that the Binance executive is indeed in the custody of the country’s police.

Efforts to extradite Anjarwalla have involved discussions between the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the International Criminal Police Organization, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), and the Kenyan Police Service.

In March, the EFCC announced plans to extradite Anjarwalla in its monthly bulletin.

Ola Olukoyede, the head of the anti-graft agency, stated that the move to prosecute Binance executives underscores the EFCC’s commitment to curbing distortions and disruptions in Nigeria’s forex market.

The charges against Binance Holdings Limited, Tigran Gambaryan, and Nadeem Anjarwalla include tax evasion, currency speculation, and money laundering amounting to $35.4 million.



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