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Landlord In Shock As Tenant Turns Rental into Art Gallery, Graffiti Covers Walls, Toilets



Onyinyechukwu Ede reporting

A landlord went online to share her experience with a tenant who unexpectedly redecorated her house in a horrifying way.

When she checked the residence, they noticed the occupants’ terrifying painting on the walls and ceiling.

The choice of painting and graffiti darkened the space and produced a gloomy atmosphere. Which left her  dumbfounded.

The tenant additionally added his own design style to the toilet, painting it black.

The landlord (@mamakiingy) hired someone to clean it, but the painting would not come off.

Some of the reactions listed below:

Kim namjoon said: “I think he’s just expressing his creativity tho he’s not mad jare! But painting the toilet thingie too is a bit much.”

Cynthia Egbo said: “You sure say no be ritualist you give house?”

fanbabyyy said: “Person Dey practice witchcraft, una say na aesthetics. God!”

monibecca said: “He might be a painter or an artist.”

Favour Richie said: “Wait o am I the only one that finds this cute? Except the wc part sha.”

Amie said: “Why didn’t he build his own house and do whatever he chooseesss.”
Dims_lashh said: “Painting the room is different but the toilet.”

Nikki fragrances said: “He was a wizard. please get a pastor to bless that room after because…”



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