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Like Buhari Like Apkakomiza: We Say No To Packaging

By Rev Olu Martins

I read recently of a marriage that ended before it even started. The groom who had come in from overseas was meeting his bride to-be for the first time on the week of their wedding.

Apparently they had met on Facebook where they exchanged details and the “love affair” began thereafter. Six months going on strong, until the night after marriage proper when things fell apart yakata.

Unknown to our guy all he was seeing on Facebook was package. Foundation, lintels and windows with even doors and locks was what he was looking at on the woman’s face every time they did video call.

Even when our guy landed town, the beautiful damsel with a profound rotundity and protruding mamary glands were all packaging joor. ( Na wash as they say).

So when it came to unwrapping the gift after they both said I do, you can imagine what befell our friend in revelations and discoveries. ( Him nor need prophet at all)

Firstly it took madam thirty minutes to undress because there was to much bulldozer work to be done since backside na fake, front side na dagbo and face na artistic compound work.

I felt sorry for our friend because he voted for a beautiful damsel on Facebook but entered once chance in real life after the damage has been done.

Such is what the APC is trying to do by telling us that Apkakomiza is not a talker but a dooer. Na so them take tell us say Buhari na action man and now his inactions are what we are suffering today.

A non talker should speak good English but Apkakomiza does not. A non talker’s words are few but coherent but Apkakomiza is highly incoherent and confusing when he talks.

Osarodion Ogie is a man of few words but very coherent and convincing when he speaks. Let’s not mistaken dumbness for quietness. Apkakomiza is not quiet, he just doesn’t know enough to engage fruitfully.

We can’t afford packaging in the name of quietness so we don’t end up like our friend who fell in love with beauty on Facebook and ended up with the beast in real life.

May Buhari never happen to us again or may his political family like Monday Okpebholo not happen to us as well

How does APC package two non starters for us as candidate and assistant candidate. If one nor sabi shebi the other go Sabi wella. In this case, oga candidate nor sabi and the deputy sef ehn na manage.

Rev Olu Martins
Deputy Director General
Media and Publicity
Asue Ogie Campaign management council



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