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Like Candidate Like Chairman: Tenebe’s Siamese Ignorance About The CVR By Olu Martins

It is becoming difficult to keep up with the ooze of ignorance that daily proceeds from the stable of the APC in Edo State.

Since INEC announced its statutory desire to conduct the mandatory CVR in Edo State, the APC has been agonising through sleepless nights about the prospect of such a Democratic process happening in Edo State.

The latest fear that borders on witchcraft is to show cause that PDP is in support of a Democratic process. Hear the ignorant ruse from their Chairman

” Proceeding with the exercise undermine public confidence in the electoral process as it is designed to benefit the PDP.”

Please how can INEC’s responsible desire to perform its statutory job of advancing Democracy “undermine public confidence?”. This APC will never cease to baffle us.

I thought that was the dumbest thing a political party Chairman could possibly say, before I heard the icing on their comic cake, that the reason INEC is conducting this CVR is because PDP wants to sneak Dr Asue Ighodalo’s name into the Voters Register. My mouth hung open and I  gave up hope on the APC being able to redeem itself from the afflictions of its obvious ignorance.

Whoever heard of anyone calling the public to come and watch what another wants to “sneak” to do? Only Tenebe and his Siamese twin can manage such thought processes.

The buffoonery continues. Hear him:

“We insist that the compromised integrity of the electoral process is a statement of fact that as a party, the APC has established in its earlier Press statements.”

I didn’t even bother to try to understand the brand of pidgin construct in the statement. I just took the only English phrase out of it namely:
“We insist that the compromised integrity of the electoral process…”

We already have the “*compromised* *integrity* ” of a process yet to begin? And which they are doing everything in the world to prevent.? We can only pity the APC at this stage.

In fact, they became so confused at a time that Tenebe actually thought it was the PDP that conducts CVR, which is why he is so tenaciously against it. Hear him again:  ” Is the PDP so ignorant not to fathom the fact that the damaged infrastructure and equipment pose significant logistical challenges that could not be solved overnight?”

Tenebe, please kindly address INEC with such questions next time eh. We know your fears!  You have no supporters on the streets of Edo.

You know that most of the young supporters are Asue Ighodalo’s supporters and your fear is the increased margin new voters will bring between PDP and your APC

Admit that and stop trying to be clever, it’s exposing your ignorance too much!

Rev Olu Martins
DDG Media, Asue/Ogie Campaign Council

I'm Israel, a creative writer, poet, photographer, videographer and news correspondent.


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