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Mayaki Urges President Tinubu to Foster Democratic Integrity in Edo Election


As the September 21st governorship election in Edo State approaches, John Mayaki, a prominent member of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and former Chairman of the Edo State Media and Publicity Directorate for the APC Presidential Campaign Council, has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to exemplify leadership and uphold Nigeria as a model of democracy by not interfering in the election process.

Mayaki emphasized the importance of this appeal, citing President Tinubu’s history as a pro-democracy activist and his recent commendation of the United Kingdom’s Labour Party for its successful reform and mobilization leading to a significant victory after 14 years. This acknowledgment, according to Mayaki, highlights the leadership qualities of Labour Party leader Keir Starmer and serves as a benchmark for democratic practices.

Urging the president to encourage the APC leadership in Edo State to adopt a similar approach of reform and mobilization, Mayaki cautioned against relying on presidential influence or anti-democratic practices to secure a win. He stressed that the APC candidate, Senator Monday Okpebholo, must actively engage with the electorate and demonstrate leadership by directly addressing the public and the press.

Mayaki expressed his disappointment in Senator Okpebholo’s repeated failure to seize opportunities to present his vision to the people. He cited instances where Okpebholo avoided media interactions during visits to President Tinubu and Senate President-led mobilization efforts, missing crucial moments to connect with voters.

Drawing a parallel to President Tinubu’s recent congratulations to the United Kingdom for being an exemplary democracy and a longstanding partner of Nigeria, Mayaki urged the president to maintain this democratic standard within Nigeria. He called for free and fair elections across all states, including Bayelsa, to strengthen the nation’s democratic institutions and ensure a prosperous future.

“Mr. President, you have recently praised the UK for its democratic integrity. I urge you to continue this in Nigeria, advocating for non-interference in elections and encouraging our candidates to take the lead in their campaigns,” Mayaki advised.



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