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Mijatovic Advises Rodrygo To Snub Transfer, Stay Put At Real Madrid

Former Real Madrid General Manager Pedja Mijatovic has urged Rodrygo to stay at the club amid rumors of a potential exit this summer.

Mijatovic, who regrets leaving Real Madrid for Fiorentina, cautioned the Brazilian winger against making the same mistake.

In an interview with TribalFootball, Mijatovic reflected on his own decision to leave Real Madrid, saying, “I was wrong to leave for Fiorentina. Florence is a beautiful city, but just two weeks later, I regretted my choice. I missed everything – the locker room, training ground, and the stadium.”

Mijatovic stressed that players often take Real Madrid’s excellence for granted, only to realize their mistake when they’re no longer part of the team.

Truth Live News reports that his warning comes as Rodrygo considers his options, with Kylian Mbappe’s expected arrival from PSG potentially impacting his playing time.



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