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Minister Of Works Addresses Public Concerns on Road Infrastructure

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Abuja, Nigeria

In response to widespread concerns about the deteriorating state of several Federal roads across the country, the Federal Ministry of Works has issued a press release addressing the issues and outlining plans for road infrastructure development.

The Ministry acknowledged the challenges inherited by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, emphasizing the enormity of the task to improve the nation’s roads. Despite the inherited debt burden, President Tinubu has demonstrated courage and commitment to addressing the issues, initiating immediate actions on frequently reported roads.

President Tinubu has approved a 2023 Supplementary budget of ₦300 billion for the Ministry of Works. This allocation includes ₦100 billion for immediate palliative works in all states and the FCT, and ₦200 billion for the continuation of ongoing and critical new road projects. The President has set a deadline of 1st December 2023 for the commencement of palliative projects, with a directive to address reported road sections promptly.

TruthLive News gathered that in a bid to enhance transparency and public participation, the Ministry calls on the public to supervise contractors engaged in palliative works and ongoing projects. Poorly constructed roads can be reported, with the Ministry committing to taking effective action and publicly recognizing those who contribute to identifying genuine issues.

The press release clarified misconceptions regarding the use of asphalt and concrete pavement in road development. It highlights that the Ministry has not banned asphalt and provides contractors with the choice to continue using it or opt for concrete, subject to specific conditions. The Ministry aims to ensure quality and longevity in road construction, with adherence to prescribed standards.

Concerns raised against the new policy are dismissed as the Ministry asserts its commitment to responsible road development practices. The statement accuses critics of hindering progress and promoting self-interest.

Looking ahead, the Ministry announces a revolution in project supervision methods starting from 1st December 2023. There will be increased scrutiny, and individuals found negligent in their duties will face consequences. Directors of Works in states and FCT, along with FERMA, are tasked with auditing all projects, ensuring accountability and transparency.

The press release concluded by expressing gratitude to President Tinubu for his commitment to continuing inherited projects and seeking funds for their completion. The Ministry pledged unwavering support for the President’s vision, aligning with the Renewed Hope Agenda for the nation’s infrastructure development.

The press statement was undersigned the minister himself.
Sen. (Engr.) Nweze David Umahi, CON, FNSE, FNATE
Hon. Minister, Federal Ministry of Works



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