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Monday Okpebholo: A Failing Gubernatorial Candidate or A Poor Comedy Skit Maker? – By Darlington Okpebholo Ray

In a spectacle of cluelessness, the APC gubernatorial candidate in Edo State, who has shied away from debates and interviews, found himself floundering in the mud, much to the amusement, pity, and outrage of Edo citizens. In a feeble attempt to undermine Governor Obaseki and the PDP candidate, Barr Asue Ighodalo, the candidate unwittingly spotlighted the history of a particular road, showcasing the monumental fraud perpetrated by the previous APC administration.

The story goes that Senator Monday Okephbolo embarked on a tour of Benin GRA only to discover one wrong spot on the road amidst the rainy season. The senator’s attempt to mock and ridicule Governor Obaseki’s administration backfired spectacularly, as it only highlighted the incompetence and corruption of his own party’s past government.

For the first time in over 50 years, the Government Reservation Area in that State capital is receiving the deserved attention with massive road infrastructure, where drainage is being constructed and channelled appropriately. However, the facts speak for themselves. The failed stormwater project of the former APC administration, touted as a solution to flooding in that state capital, would have saved the situation if it had ever been intended to work. Instead, it served as a conduit for embezzlement, with water being drained to nowhere and the people left to suffer.

While the APC camp derides the governor’s efforts, the facts speak for themselves. Suppose only the senator had asked questions before clowning in the flood. In that case, he’d have discovered the spot wasn’t as bad as dramatised.

By the way, calling the name of your opponent in such a despicable way as “river Asue Ighodalo” is the most irresponsible and disrespectful thing anyone who says he wants to hold the number one job in Edo could do. Though Dr Ighodalo, being a responsible gentleman, will not swim in the mud with the senator, the record has to be put straight that Asue Ighodalo is not the governor of the state yet; he has never been a governor, and he has no obligation whatsoever to necessitate his being called out over a perceived failed portion of a road whose existence predated the administration of Godwin Obaseki.

Sen Monday Okpebholo (APC Edo 2024 Gubernatorial candidate)

For record purposes, here are some verifiable roads constructed by Governor Obaseki in the Edo South Senatorial district as a whole and even in the senatorial district of the senator, Edo Central.

– Akenzua Road and adjoining streets with underground drain
– Construction of 18th, 19th streets and environs, Ugbowo
– Construction of pedestrian bridge at UNIBEN main gate
– Construction of Ekosodin Road and environs
– Construction of Oluku health centre with state-of-the-art facilities
– Construction of Benin shopping mall
– Victor Uwaifo creative hub
– Reconstruction and rehabilitation of Edo state secretariat
– Ossiomo power plant
– Construction of technical college road with side drainage
– Construction of New Found Land Road
– Police station road off 19th street
– Lucky Agbonserbafe street opposite UBTH
– Reconstruction of Stella Obasanjo women and children hospital
– Ongoing construction of Adolor College Road with side drains up to 90% complete
– Ongoing construction of Uwelu Road with side drain
– Construction of Uwaifo Street off Siloku Road
– Construction of Canna Street off Textile Mill Road
– Ongoing construction of Edo Textile Mill Road
– Construction of New Found Land off Sapele Road
– PZ-Ehioghae-Okabere-Oka Market Road, linking Sapele Road and Upper Sakponba
– Irhirhi-Aruogba-Obazagbon-Ogheghe Road
– Ugbor-Amagba Road
– St. Saviour Road
– Benin-Abraka Road with spurs
– Dualization and reconstruction of TV and Ehaekpen road

While the APC candidate fumbles in the mud, Edo citizens are left wondering why their senator is following the same path of mockery, tantrums, and drama that failed to impress. Perhaps, instead of engaging in political theatrics, the senator should focus on passing a single bill or be transparent about the N200 million earmarked for palliatives. Or better yet, consider a career change to comedy and skit-making, where his talents might be more appreciated.

In his spare time, if the senator wants to drive to his village and senatorial district on great roads, he has many options among the numerous ones that Governor Obaseki has fixed. Senator Monday Okpebholo should know that Edo state extends beyond the Ikpokpan-Boundry roads axis of GRA Benin City, and the PDP government, under the leadership of Godwin Obaseki, is delivering on its promise to the good people of the state.

– Construction of Ekpoma-iruekpen road.
– Reconstruction of Udumebo-uhumudumu royal market road.
– Construction of Emu-ohodua bridge in Evbohimi.
– Reconstruction of Idumu-iyasele road, Ewato.
– Rehabilitation of Ujiogba-ugoneki junction.
– Construction of Ujiogba-ogwa road.



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