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Nigerian Man Beats Wife to Death with Skateboard in UK

In a heartbreaking incident reported by the Daily Mail, Olubunmi Abodunde, a Nigerian residing in the United Kingdom, brutally beat his wife to death with their son’s skateboard, marking the end of a tumultuous relationship marred by accusations of infidelity and financial disagreements.

The couple, who immigrated to the UK from Nigeria in 2022 with their three children, found themselves at odds frequently, with Abodunde, aged 48, being the subject of multiple investigations by Suffolk Police for domestic violence. Despite impending murder charges and a trial, Abodunde changed his plea to guilty after a jury was sworn in, admitting to the heinous crime.

During the fatal assault, neighbors reported hearing disturbing noises emanating from the Abodundes’ residence. Despite bail conditions preventing Abodunde from entering the property due to a recent violent episode, he breached these conditions and inflicted fatal injuries on his wife.

Upon entering the residence, officers discovered Taiwo Abodunde, aged 41, with severe head injuries, indicating a vicious attack. Subsequent investigations revealed the extent of the brutality inflicted upon Taiwo, including strangulation and blunt force trauma from the skateboard.

The tragic loss has prompted an investigation into the conduct of Suffolk Police officers involved in previous incidents concerning Abodunde. The Independent Office of Police Conduct (IOPC) confirmed that three officers were under investigation for potential breaches of professional conduct standards.

Abodunde’s defense claimed that the level of violence exhibited was uncharacteristic and may have been influenced by medication. However, no medical evidence was presented to support this assertion.

Following his guilty plea, Abodunde awaits sentencing, facing the prospect of life imprisonment. The devastating impact of Taiwo’s death reverberates not only within her family but also within the community and her workplace at Cambridge Manor Care Home, where she was deeply cherished for her compassionate care.

As the legal proceedings continue, Suffolk Police expressed condolences to Taiwo’s family and friends, acknowledging the enduring pain caused by this tragic loss. The facility where Taiwo worked extended its deepest sympathies, emphasizing her profound impact on residents and staff alike.

Abodunde’s sentencing, scheduled for May 9, will mark another chapter in this harrowing ordeal, as justice is sought for Taiwo Abodunde and her grieving loved ones.



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