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Nigerian Man Jailed for Life in UK for Wife’s Skateboard Murder

A Nigerian man based in the United Kingdom, Olubunmi Abodunde, who killed his wife, Taiwo, with a skateboard, has been sentenced to life in prison.

Truthlive news recalled that Abodunde, 48, a resident of Exning Road, in Newmarket, Suffolk killed his wife on 28 November, 2023, and blamed his loss of control on medication.

He confessed to causing the “catastrophic brain injuries” that led to Taiwo’s death, according to the BBC.

The Ipswich Crown Court heard that there was a significant level of violence involved in her death at their family home on Exning Road.

Abodunde will serve a minimum of 17 years in prison before being eligible for parole.

The court was informed that on November 27, the day before Taiwo’s death, the couple had a domestic altercation, and Abodunde was arrested. As part of his bail conditions, he was ordered not to contact his wife.

The following morning, Abodunde went to their home around 09:00 BST to retrieve a mobile phone. Taiwo, a mother of three, had just finished her night shift as a healthcare assistant and was on her way home.

Prosecutor Stephen Spence KC told the court that Abodunde was aware of his wife’s work schedule, and CCTV footage showed her arriving home around 09:12.

Only Abodunde knows what happened next, according to Mr. Spence.

Officers attempted to contact Taiwo about the previous day’s incident at around 09:20 but received no response. However, they heard approximately 40 to 50 “thuds,” believed to be Abodunde attacking his wife.

After receiving clearance, officers entered the property at 09:45 and found Taiwo’s lifeless body with severe head injuries.

A postmortem examination revealed “catastrophic brain injuries” and other injuries consistent with being hit with a skateboard and being stamped on. The murder weapon, covered in blood and skull fragments, was found at the scene.

During sentencing, Judge Martyn Levett described the killing as “ruthless, violent, savage, and heartless.”

He noted that Abodunde had lied to the police, claiming his wife had attacked him with a knife the day before he killed her. The judge observed no signs of self-defense or remorse from Abodunde.

Judge Levett said there had been “no self-defence at all” on Abodunde’s part and he had heard “no remorse other than sobs from the dock”.



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