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NLC Strike, A Shame On APC Led Federal Government By Olu Martins 


It is shameful and insensitive for the APC led Federal Government to be proposing a paltry sixty thousand naira ( 60,000k) when they know how their weak economic policies have impoverished Nigerians

If a State like Edo can make a bold statement by paying seventy thousand naira without Labour crises and engagement you can then agree with the world when they say that Gov Godwin Obaseki is the most worker friendly Governor Nigeria has ever seen.

Today alone, Nigeria will lose millions of dollars in earnings because of an APC led Federal Government that appears not to be ever ready for governance arising from this industrial action by the Nigerian Labour Congress which could have been averted if the President had consulted with Gov Godwin Obaseki how he did it in Edo State.

Nigeria and Nigerians continue to accord Gov Obaseki his place in history as the first and only governor in Nigeria to announce and implement a seventy thousand naira minimum benchmark and to implore President Tinubu to ask Gov Godwin Obaseki for insights as to how he is able to achieve this great feat without a fight or strike.

Enough of clueless governance from the APC.

PDP.. power to the people

Rev Olu Martins is the Deputy Director General in charge of media and publicity of the Asue/Ogie Campaign Management Council

I'm Israel, a creative writer, poet, photographer, videographer and news correspondent.


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