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No Correction Possible on CTC Except At Supreme Court- Wole Olanipekun SAN

Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Abuja , Nigeria 


In the ongoing Kano gubernatorial dispute, legal representative Wole Olanipekun challenged the Court of Appeal’s authority to rectify errors in its recent judgment upholding the removal of Abba Yusuf.

The controversy arose due to conflicting resolutions in the certified true copy of the judgment, attributed to a clerical error by Chief Registrar Umar Bangari.

Truth Live News gathered that SAN Olanipekun contested the court’s jurisdiction, citing the expiration of the 60-day timeline for appeal and referencing Section 285(7) of the Constitution. He argued that only the Supreme Court can entertain correction applications. Despite Bangari’s suggestion for formal applications, Olanipekun asserted that no such filings by his team and emphasized Abba Yusuf’s need to appeal within the diminishing timeframe.

As the legal battle escalates, the Kano gubernatorial dispute remains a focal point, highlighting Olanipekun’s insistence on upholding statutory imperatives for fair justice administration.

Notably, Chief Wole Olanipekun, the lead counsel to the sitting Governor, stands out as a formidable legal figure, ranking among the top 3 lawyers in Nigeria. His impressive track record includes serving as one-time President of the Nigerian Bar Association and leading the Presidential Tinubu Legal team. Notable achievements in securing the release of Ifeanyi Ubah from jail and winning AA Sule’s case in the appeal court further underscore Olanipekun’s legal prowess.



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