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Nollywood Actor Nonso Diobi Caught On TikTok Asking For Gifts


Onyinyechukwu Ede reporting

Nigerian lady has criticises Nollywood industry for not treating actors properly after seeing icon Nonso Diobi soliciting fans for gifts on TikTok live.

She voiced her disgust with the entire affair on her Tiktok profile, @dareal_bl.

The lady said that she saw other actors doing the same thing, but she didn’t want to discuss it since she thinks these things happen.

However, after discovering Nonso Diobi’s involvement, she felt compelled to speak.

She said that he was her boyhood crush, and seeing him participate in a Tiktok live where followers are asked to tap and give them was disheartening.

She argued that Nollywood has failed many actors and encouraged the organisation to improve.
Watch the video below;



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