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Obaseki Ensures Timely Salary, Pension Payments, Promises Sustained Reforms

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu, Reporting

Edo State, Nigeria

The Governor Godwin Obaseki-led administration in Edo State has once again demonstrated its commitment to the welfare of civil and public servants by promptly disbursing salaries and pensions for the month of March.

This timely action has brought smiles to the faces of workers and pensioners across the state.

In a statement issued by the Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Hon. Chris Nehikhare, it was affirmed that the state government has ensured the disbursement of salaries to workers and pensions to retirees as per its statutory obligations. Nehikhare emphasized that Governor Obaseki’s administration remains steadfast in its pledge to prioritize the welfare of workers, ensuring that their salaries are paid before the 26th day of every month.

“The Edo State Government, under the leadership of Governor Godwin Obaseki, has disbursed salaries for the month of March to workers, while pensioners have also received their due emoluments. These payments were made in accordance with the government’s policy of timely remuneration, underscoring our commitment to the welfare of our workforce,” stated Nehikhare.

Expressing gratitude to the dedicated workers for their unwavering commitment, Nehikhare acknowledged their resilience in the face of prevailing economic challenges. Despite the adverse economic conditions, workers have continued to diligently carry out their duties, contributing to the successful implementation of government programs, policies, and reforms.

Furthermore, Nehikhare reassured the populace that the government remains focused on implementing sustainable reforms to alleviate the impact of rising inflation. He highlighted ongoing initiatives such as the free bus ride scheme and improved working conditions as part of the government’s efforts to mitigate hardships faced by citizens.

“As we forge ahead, the government is resolute in its commitment to sustaining these reforms and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life for all residents of Edo State. We urge continued cooperation and support from all stakeholders as we navigate through these challenging times together,” Nehikhare concluded.

The timely payment of salaries and pensions by the Edo State Government not only reflects its dedication to the welfare of its workforce but also underscores its determination to uphold accountability and fulfill its obligations to the people.



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