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Obaseki Hails Nigerian Army, Other Security Agencies in Edo, Says Peace is Restored

Joel Osaigbovo Aluge, Reporting

Benin City, Edo State

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has praised the Nigerian Army and other security agencies for their vital role in enhancing the state’s security infrastructure.

In a statement, the governor highlighted that Edo is notably peaceful and ranks among the safest states in Nigeria, attributing this achievement to the support provided by the military and security agencies.

He emphasized, “Our current peace, security, and safety in Edo State are largely due to the assistance of the military and other federal security agencies. Compared to neighboring states, the security situation in Edo has vastly improved, making it one of the safest states in Nigeria.

“We didn’t accomplish this alone; rather, we received substantial support from various security agencies, particularly the Army. The level of collaboration, intervention, and support from the military authorities significantly contributed to the peace and safety we enjoy in Edo State.

“Just a few years ago, we faced numerous kidnapping incidents within the state. Traveling from Benin to Auchi, for example, posed a risk of being kidnapped. However, through collaboration with the military and the establishment of the Military Forward Operating Base (FOB) in Ehor, such incidents have drastically reduced.”

Furthermore, the governor mentioned, “In areas like Sobe and Odighi in the western flank of the state, perennial crises of militancy and terrorist attacks were rampant. Criminal elements would invade villages and farms, causing havoc. But through collaboration with the military, we were able to thwart their plans. Temporary FOBs have been set up in these areas, with plans to establish permanent ones.

“Our efforts have yielded significant successes, with companies now relocating to these areas. Our focus now shifts to the northern border with Kogi State around the Akoko-Edo axis, where we are working closely with the General Officer Commanding the Division to address the security situation in that part of the state.”

Regarding the upcoming 2024 governorship election, Governor Obaseki assured, “With the security architecture our government has implemented and the resilience built into the system, the security in the state remains intact, ensuring a peaceful and secure election.”

In response, Major General Obinna Onubogu, who recently assumed the role of General Officer Commanding 2 Division of the Nigerian Army, expressed appreciation for the governor’s support. He noted, “The Edo State Government has been very supportive, and the Nigerian Army has benefited from this support through various establishments in Edo State.”



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