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Obaseki Launches Muslim Feeding Program in Edo 

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting 


Governor Godwin Obaseki has launched the Muslim Feeding Program on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. The event, held at the Edo State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board office, marks a significant step in the State Support Program, which has previously extended similar aid to the Christian community.

Governor Obaseki expressed his gratitude to Muslim faithful for their continuous prayers for his administration, highlighting the alignment of the feeding program with Islamic principles of caring for the needy. “This morning, I am here to launch the Muslim Feeding Programme. We have done the same for Christians. Fortunately, Islam mandates us to take care of the needy and to continue to give alms. It is part of the doctrine. So, what we are doing is nothing new,” Obaseki stated.

The Governor emphasized that the program targets the most vulnerable individuals who often lack direct access to government aid. “What is different this time is that we are looking at those who do not have at all, those who cannot reach the government but will come to the mosque to look for help. That is why I have taken money to say, I will buy food every month, at least for the next three months; I will not give it to politicians and government workers; I will give it to Imams and Pastors to look for those people who cannot eat and give them food,” Obaseki explained.

Governor Obaseki also took the opportunity to bid farewell to Hajj intending pilgrims, urging them to pray for the nation amid current challenges. “What we have done in the last seven years is because we believe that Edo is one; whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim, it does not matter. You are Edo. And as your Governor, I am responsible for you; and that is what we have tried to demonstrate,” he said.

The Chairman of the Edo State Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board, Sheikh Ibrahim Oyarekhua, lauded the Governor for his support, detailing the state’s contributions to the feeding program. “In this journey to the Holy Land, we have a total number of 300 intending pilgrims – 164 males and 136 females. For the feeding program, we have 10,000 10 kg of rice and 4,000 10 kg of beans, distributed as follows: 4,750 for Edo South, 2,750 for Edo Central, and 6,500 for Edo North,” Sheikh Oyarekhua reported.

The event saw the attendance of prominent figures, including the Peoples Democratic Party candidate Dr. Asue Ighodalo and his running mate Barr. Osarodion Ogie; Commissioner for Youths and Humanitarian Affairs, Hon. Zubairu Dada Abubakar; and the Chief Imam of Benin Central Mosque, Alhaji Abdulfatai Enabulele, among others.



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