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Ojuromi Denies Involvement in Kidnapping Cases in Uromi


Toba Owojaiye reporting 

Uromi, Edo state


The Ojuromi of Uromi Kingdom, His Royal Highness Anslem Edenojie II, has expressed his displeasure over the unsubstantiated allegations of his involvement in kidnapping and killings that have been taking place in his domain, Uromi, the administrative headquarters of Esan Northeast Local Government area, of Edo State, South-South Nigeria.

Truth Live News gathered that the Ojuromi, who addressed a group of protesting youths at his palace demanding an explanation from the King as to why a successful security outfit was asked to stop operating and hand over to another leadership, asserted that he never had anything to do with kidnapping in his domain and wondered why anyone could associate such evil acts against his kingdom and subjects with him.

He said, “I personally felt insulted by that allegation. Why would anyone think I would be that wicked and heartless to send strangers to be kidnapping and killing my people for money? How much would kidnappers pay me to be killing my subjects?”

“Only God knows the kind of personal sacrifices I make monthly for this land to enjoy peace. And by the way, I’m a successful businessman, and God has blessed me with good children of this kingdom who never allow me to lack anything, why would I be involved in anything so evil and wicked against my people?”

“God forbid,” the maverick king concluded.

His words allayed the fears of the youths and calmed fray nerves.



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