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Okephbolo Fails to Impress Yet Again in Maryland, Commits Sacrilege Against Oba of Benin – Darlington Okpebholo Ray


In a recent gathering of the Edo diaspora community, Senator Monday Okpebholo, the APC gubernatorial candidate, managed to disappoint even those with the lowest expectations. His presence at the event was as lackluster as his words, which dripped with ignorance and disrespect for the revered institutions of Edo State.

While Senator Okpebholo struggled to assert himself during the event, Pastor Ize Iyamu and the APC state chairman gladly took the spotlight, relegating him to the sidelines like a forgotten footnote in a poorly written history book. It seems even his own party recognizes his inadequacy.

But what truly stings is the senator’s audacity to meddle in the affairs of the palace, offering unsolicited advice to the Oba of Benin as if he were some wise sage instead of a political puppet dancing to the tune of his party masters. Perhaps he should spend less time giving lectures and more time learning the basics of respect and humility.

In Benin culture, the Oba is not just a mere mortal; he is the embodiment of our history, our traditions, and our identity. To suggest that the Oba is prioritizing his personal interests above the state is not just shocking, it’s downright insulting.

An attendee fumed in his remark.
“it is sacrilegious to chide the Oba who is loved and revered as a godking and the personification of the Benin Kingdom. “Can a god quarrel with a man?”, he asked.

And let’s not forget the pitiful turnout at the event – less than 30 people in a town boasting thousands of Edolites.
Even the great Okojie family based in Maryland, can fill a 500 seater hall single-handedly. It’s no wonder Senator Okpebholo’s handlers are keeping him on a tight leash; they know his incompetence is as glaring as his imminent defeat at the polls. But parasites must feed on their gullible host.

So, as Senator Okpebholo stumbles his way through his campaign trail, from one blunder to another, let us not be swayed by his empty promises and hollow words. The people of Edo State deserve better than a candidate who can’t even command respect from his own party, let alone the esteemed institutions of our great state.

In the upcoming events, we can only hope that Senator Okpebholo’s handlers will allow him to speak – if only to provide some much-needed comic relief. But until then, let us remember that true leadership is not measured by the volume of one’s voice, but by the depth of their character and the strength of their convictions. And in that regard, Senator Okpebholo falls far short of the mark.

Darlington Ray Okephbolo
Team Asue Media Organization
(TAMO 2024)
Writes from Greenwich, London,
United Kingdom.



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