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Edo 2024: APC’s Gubernatorial Gamble: Why Edo Deserves Better -By Darlington Okpebholo Ray

In the high-stakes world of politics, Edo State finds itself in a precarious position, poised between progress and regression, with the impending gubernatorial election looming like a storm on the horizon.

As the political theatre unfolds, one thing becomes conspicuously evident: Senator Monday Okpebholo’s candidacy represents a harbinger of chaos and stagnation for the great people of Edo.

The mere mention of Senator Okpebholo’s name sends shivers down the spines of those who have witnessed firsthand the tumultuous dilemma of his political escapades. A former commissioner in the Oshiomole camp has revealed the ongoing power struggle between the powers that be to pocket the “puppet”.

Yet, even within the ranks of his party, discord reigns supreme as power-hungry vultures circle, each seeking to claim dominion over the hapless senator.

Let us not mince words: Senator Okpebholo’s candidacy is akin to throwing a lamb into a den of wolves. His recent sojourn to the United States, ostensibly to garner support, only unravelled the facade of competence his handlers desperately seek to maintain.

It became painfully evident that behind the polished demeanour lies a gaping void of leadership, with Senator Okpebholo merely a puppet on strings, tugged and manipulated by the whims of his overlords.

But who are these puppeteers, you may ask? Look no further than Pastor Ize Iyamu’s Machiavellian machinations and Senator Adams Oshiomole’s shadowy figure, locked in a bitter power struggle for control. It is a spectacle of betrayal and backstabbing, with allegiances bought and sold like commodities in a market of deceit.

The allegations of impropriety surrounding Senator Okpebholo’s candidacy are as numerous as they are damning. From allegations of financial inducements to accusations of incompetence, his track record reads like a laundry list of blunders and mismanagement.

Senator Monday allegedly parted with N250 million Naira for Ize Iyamu to step down for him and support his candidacy. That explains the lack of funds stalling his campaign proper.

And yet, in a cruel twist of fate, he finds himself thrust into the spotlight, his candidacy propped up by the very forces of corruption that seek to exploit our beloved Edo State for their nefarious ends.

The APC is struggling to develop a campaign council owing to sharp divisions between the party in the state and the nation’s lack of confidence in them.

No clear chieftain compounds their problem to lead the campaign
All this water passes over the head of Monday Okpebholo like water on the back of a duck.

The lack of credible voices speaking for Senator Monday has made his party chairman—Jaret Tenebe double as his spokesman.

A party chairman who has no track record in public speaking or governance

These are the calibre of politicians trying to impose their puppet on the people and commonwealth of Edo state.

90% of the APC chieftains in Edo state and on a national stage have maintained their distance

Their golden goose has been discovered to be just dull yellow

A man who doesn’t know the difference between a museum and a zoo

His propensity to serial blunder is a concern now and is better nipped in the bud with immediate alacrity come September 21, and perhaps a process to recall his incompetence from the Senate can be started immediately

For a gubernatorial candidacy with embezzlement sagas, sacked by their own godfather for fraud, to now immediately become a saint in a joke taken too far.

And a collective insult to the intelligence of the great Edo people.

Meanwhile, amidst the chaos and cacophony of the Okpebholo camp, a beacon of hope emerges in the form of Barrister Asue Ighodalo, the astute PDP candidate poised to lead Edo into a new era of prosperity and progress.

With a proven track record in public and private services and a deep understanding of the intricate complexities of our state’s most pressing issues, Barrister Ighodalo represents the antithesis of the cronyism and corruption that have plagued our political landscape for far too long.

As we stand on the precipice of history, let us not succumb to the siren song of mediocrity. Let us instead embrace the promise of a brighter tomorrow, guided by the steady hand of leadership and the unwavering resolve of a candidate who truly has the best interests of Edo at heart.

The choice is clear: reject the charlatans and “MMM” salesmen who seek to deceive us and embrace the vision of a leader who will lead us forward, not drag us back into the darkness of despair.


Deacon Darlington Okpebholo Ray is a UK-based journalist, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief of Truth Live News, and PDP Chieftain from Uromi, Edo State.



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