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Ongoing Reforms in Edo Set will Save Nigeria $40 Billion Spent on Medical Tourism, Education – Obaseki

Toba Owojaiye reporting

Benin City, Edo State

In a bid to revolutionize the education and healthcare sectors in Edo State, Governor Godwin Obaseki has unveiled sweeping reforms aimed at not only transforming these critical areas but also potentially saving Nigeria a staggering $40 billion annually expended on seeking medical and educational services abroad.

Addressing journalists in Benin City after an extensive inspection tour of the Stella Obasanjo Hospital and the Edo State School of Health Technology, Governor Obaseki highlighted the pivotal role of his administration in reshaping the landscape of healthcare delivery in the state. “We promised the people to change the narrative of the health sector in the State,” he affirmed, emphasizing the importance of human capital development alongside infrastructure upgrades. “Healthcare is more about services and human capacity,” he added, underlining the holistic approach adopted by his administration.

By elevating the state capital, Benin, into a healthcare hub through infrastructural enhancements and adherence to global standards, Obaseki aims to significantly enhance access to quality healthcare services. “As a government, we are making Edo and Benin in particular a healthcare hub by making sure we improve the health infrastructure and bring it up to world-class standards,” he reiterated.

Truth Live News gathered that Governor Obaseki emphasized the importance of institutions like the School of Health Technology in furnishing the healthcare sector with skilled professionals capable of delivering top-tier care. “The need is here, the demand is here, the personnel are here,” Governor Obaseki affirmed, highlighting the crucial role of training institutions in meeting the state’s healthcare needs.

Regarding the ongoing refurbishment of the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, Governor Obaseki acknowledged the completion of the Out-Patient Department (OPD) and outlined plans for the remaining phases of construction. “The challenge is that if we open the OPD and bring in a consultant and they want to perform a procedure, we would not want to send them to other facilities,” he explained, highlighting the need for meticulous scheduling to optimize service delivery.

Governor Obaseki’s vision extends beyond local improvements, as he aims to position Edo State as a beacon of excellence in healthcare and education, capable of rivaling global counterparts. “As a country, we are in crisis… No normal or serious Country should behave like that,” he lamented, stressing the imperative of domestic solutions to address the nation’s pressing healthcare and educational needs.

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Obaseki vowed to confront and overcome challenges hindering the state’s advancement. “Our goal is to change the politics that brought us here,” he declared, signaling a departure from the politics of inertia.

The accompanying photo captures Governor Obaseki alongside key officials during the inspection tour of the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, showcasing the government’s hands-on approach to overseeing the transformational initiatives underway in Edo State’s healthcare sector.

Sweeping reforms in Edo health sector



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