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Oshiomhole’s Anti-Esan Bias Exposed: From Dethroning Uromi’s Onojie to Opposing Power Shift to Edo Central Says Ivbaze

In a notable divergence from his predecessor’s policies, Governor Godwin Obaseki has earned widespread admiration in Edo Central for his commitment to equity and fairness, particularly regarding political representation. This move starkly contrasts with the actions of former governor Adams Oshiomhole, whose contentious relationship with Esanland has been a point of contention.

Oshiomhole’s animosity towards Esanland manifested dramatically when he dethroned the Onojie of Uromi, a decision widely criticized as an overreach. However, in a significant reversal, Obaseki reinstated the Onojie shortly after assuming office in 2016, a move that was seen as a gesture of reconciliation and respect for Esan traditions.

Long before the clamor for a power shift to Edo Central gained momentum among Esan groups advocating for equity, Obaseki had already positioned himself as a champion of this cause. His strategic maneuvering within the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) ensured that the party’s gubernatorial ticket was awarded to a candidate from Esanland. This decision not only strengthened his standing in Edo Central but also underscored his dedication to justice and fair representation.

Obaseki’s decisive actions against his deputy, Philip Shaibu, were interpreted as a move to eliminate any obstacles that might impede his vision of inclusive governance. By doing so, he aimed to ensure that Edo Central felt adequately represented in the state’s political landscape.

In stark contrast, Oshiomhole has consistently opposed the idea of a power shift to Edo Central. His backing of Hon. Denis Idahosa over candidates from Esanland further illustrated his reluctance to embrace this shift. Reports suggest that Oshiomhole’s reluctance is so profound that he shows little enthusiasm for campaigning for Monday Okpebholo, indicating a weakened resolve.

Notably, Oshiomhole’s stance on Edo politics has been challenged by influential figures such as Bola Tinubu, who appears to have a more nuanced understanding of the state’s political dynamics. Tinubu’s influence reportedly pressured Oshiomhole to align with broader party strategies.

As history unfolds, Obaseki’s efforts to promote equity and fairness in Edo’s political arena are likely to be recognized and celebrated. His proactive steps to ensure a PDP governorship candidate from Edo Central have garnered him substantial gratitude and support from the Esan people, who view him as a champion of justice.



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