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PDP Chieftain Oisamoje Backs Asue Ighodalo For Edo Governorship, Condemns Language Criticism

Evangelist Maria Oisamoje, a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party and the Woman Leader for Edo North Senatorial District, has boldly declared her unwavering support for Mr. Iguodalo Asue, a prominent PDP Governorship aspirant in Edo State.

Oisamoje who spoke to newsmen in Benin this morning, expressed her strong disapproval of those using baseless statements to discredit Asuen’s inability to speak Esan Language.

She stated that the Nigerian Constitution does not mandate the proficiency in one’s native language as a prerequisite for contesting an elected office and criticized the notion that only the unenlightened would resort to such trivialities to tarnish Asue’s reputation, a man whose mere presence holds the potential to positively impact the lives of many.

The party stalwart urged those attempting to gain attention by propagating such false narratives to elevate their discourse, suggesting the inclusion of intellectual substance in their strategies if seeking recognition is their objective.

According to Oisamoje, a candidate’s competence, capacity, sterling background, and a proven history of excellence are pivotal in any progressive society. She firmly endorsed Iguodalo Asue as the rightful successor to Governor Obaseki in Edo State, emphasizing his capabilities to advance and build upon the developmental strides set by the current administration, dismissing any claims contrary to his alignment with the state’s progress.

She said “Let’s not bring in additional sentiments into politics. Politicians have successfully used religion, tribe; etc to divide us to their benefit. The Lagos state gubernatorial election is in my mind.

“Come to think of it, how many of our children can speak or understand our native language? These are the fallout of urbanization.

“Let’s be careful else we miss the point. Our focus should be; capacity and the likes, not language.Soon we will go so low to dialectical differences. This is my humble submission”.

The political colossus Oisamoje also downplayed the ill-informed position of another bootlicker (s) who constantly described those not resident in Edo State as Diaspora politicians and challenge them to quantify their contribution to the party, saying politics is expensive and the bulk of these monies come from those that these pepper chewing urchins describe as diasporan politicians.

“We need to reset the mental carriage of some of these nefarious individuals clustering around the body politics of our dear state, and make them understand that everybody cannot be in the village, vis-a-vis in the city, and as such two men can stay in different locations, and achieve the same result. All that is paramount is good governance, equality, and mutual respect for one another”.

She reiterated her commitment to the Asue project and christened it the surest bet for Edo people PDP to navigate the stormy waters and calculation of the APC.



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