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PDP Hails Edo Govt For Taking Steps To Curb Cultism 

Of recent, cultists related killings have taken alarming dimensions in Edo State.

Between January and May 2024, over 150 people were gruesomely murdered in what security reports have pointed to cult related killings.

As a party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has expressed serious concerns and made this known to his Excellency, Governor Godwin Obaseki, the Governor and Chief Security Officer of the state.

In response to the cries of the people of Edo State for practical actions to be taken by the state government to arrest this ugly monster ravaging our youths, the Governor summoned the State Security Council to examine the situation and profffer lasting solutions.

The State Security Council, after a detailed analysis of the investigations carried out concerning the recent killings in the state , identified cultism, promoted by the Okaighele Institution as the main culprits.

The Security Council then recommended the total banning of cultism and the Okaighele Institution in the state inorder to avoid further loss of life.

As a responsible government, the Edo State Government has taken immediate actions to implement the recommendations of the security council by banning the Okaighele Institution and cultism in the State.

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), wishes to state categorically that it is in total support of the actions taken by the Edo State Government.

As expected, the APC, which is littered by known cultists in its ranks, has come out smoking in protest.

The party will prefer to have the killings unchecked because of their plans to use cultists as usual during the coming elections.

This has failed as no responsible government will fold its hands and allow criminals take over the state.

In a release on Saturday June 8, 2924 ,Chairman, Edo state PDP Rt Hon. Dr TONY AZIEGBEMI said PDP stands with the Edo State Governmment.

It said the unholy tactics of the APC always trying to pitch the revered palace of the Oba of Benin against the Governor for these bold and commendable steps taken by the Edo State Government is unfortunate.

“It is our appeal that our youths should not allow themselves to be used as agents of destruction by selfish politicians.”

“God bless Edo State,” the release said.



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