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Philanthropy: APC, Shadow-chasing Opposition By Omokagbon John

The role of the opposition in politics is not to leave thematic issues of concern and be chasing unseen shadows. One of the major role of the opposition is to factor proposed alternatives to what is being done by the party in power.

It is bemusing that the Edo State All Progressive Congress, APC, have left their mandate of being in permanent opposition, which the party will continue to be even after September gubernatorial election, and have decided to be chasing issues of no relevance to the election.

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and its candidate, Dr Asue Ighodalo, have always admonished the lackluster APC to stop embarking on futile journeys of discoveries. Rather, the party should mainstream their quest for issue-based campaigns, except they want to tell the citizens of Edo State that they are honestly incapacitated and therefore cannot discuss policies expected of any serious political party in the opposition.

For the uninitiated, Dr Asue Ighodalo, the PDP gubernatorial candidate, is not canopy-gathering or sloganeering type of philanthropist. He does not need to hire store-bought crowd to tell the world under arrays of canopies with loud speakers that he is commencing a project in his community. Who intentionally hires all the cameras in the world to show he is paying light bills for his community, building hospitals and digging boreholes for his community?

If the APC is expecting Asue to come on any national television to announce to the world that he has given scholarship to students in his community, they will have to wait forever. If they think Asue will publish on all Nigerian newapapers the empowerment programs he has initiated for Edo State citizens, not only those in Ewohimi, they must have a rethink away from that mindset affliction.

As the former Chairman, Board of Directors, Sterling Bank, Asue was not a tyrant nor a dictator as APC would have expected since they are not used to major and thematic issues of the 21st century concerning how the corperate world functions.

The APC and its social media cretins must consciously grow to adopt constructive criticisms as standard practice so as to repudiate their mundane and parochial operations.



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