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Photos: Asue Ighodalo Engages Benin Recreational Club Members Ahead of Gubernatorial Race

……..PDP Hopeful Amplifies Campaign Reach in Vibrant Encounter

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Edo State, Nigeria

In a bid to bolster his gubernatorial aspirations, Dr. Asue Ighodalo, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) torchbearer for the imminent September 2024 elections, engaged in a dynamic rendezvous with the esteemed members of the Benin Recreational Club.

This strategic move marked a pivotal moment in his campaign, amplifying his resonance within the vibrant community of Edo State.

With a fervent zeal for transformative leadership and a vision to invigorate the socio-economic landscape, Dr. Ighodalo seized the opportunity to foster meaningful connections with the influential constituents of the Benin Recreational Club.

Against the backdrop of spirited discussions and congenial exchanges, he articulated his progressive agenda, emphasizing initiatives aimed at fostering inclusive growth and elevating the standard of living across the state.

The interactive session witnessed a convergence of diverse perspectives, as members eagerly posed probing questions and voiced their aspirations for a brighter future under Dr. Ighodalo’s stewardship.

Addressing concerns ranging from infrastructural development to youth empowerment, the gubernatorial hopeful demonstrated a keen understanding of the pressing issues facing the community, whilst outlining pragmatic strategies to address them effectively.

Showcasing his commitment to grassroots engagement and participatory governance, Dr. Ighodalo reiterated his pledge to uphold transparency, accountability, and responsiveness in leadership, pledging to prioritize the welfare of every citizen of Edo State. Encouraged by the palpable enthusiasm and overwhelming support garnered from the Benin Recreational Club members, he expressed profound gratitude for their invaluable input and pledged to harness their collective energy in shaping a prosperous future for the state.



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