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National Hajj Commission Raises Pilgrimage Fees To N6.8 Million

Ismail Abdulazeez Mantu Reporting

Abuja, Nigeria

In a recent development, the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria has announced an increase in the pilgrimage fees, requiring prospective pilgrims to settle a sum of N6.8 million by the deadline of March 29, 2024.

This significant hike comes after the initial price was set at N4.9 million.

The commission urged individuals who had already made the initial payment to include an additional N1.9 million.

Thereby, bringing the total amount to N6.8 million.

Moreover, this adjustment has sparked debates and concerns among intending pilgrims, religious bodies, and the general public.

According to the National Hajj Commission, the decision to raise the fees was attributed to various factors.

For instance , operational costs, accommodation expenses, transportation fees, and other logistical considerations.

They asserted that these adjustments are necessary to ensure the smooth facilitation of the pilgrimage and to maintain the quality of services provided to pilgrims.

However, this increase has drawn criticism from some quarters, with many expressing dissatisfaction over the sudden surge in costs.

Concerns have been raised about the affordability of the pilgrimage for individuals from low-income backgrounds.

This was about the potential impact on the overall participation rate.

Nevertheless, there are calls for transparency and accountability regarding how the additional funds will be utilized by the National Hajj Commission.

Stakeholders have demanded detailed explanations and assurances that the increased fees will result in improved services and amenities for pilgrims.



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